Iceland Hangout

Once in a lifetime


I’ve had the chance to have dinner with Lesa Bain of Lindblad Expeditions recently.She was telling me about this really unique opportunity for folks to travel with world explorer, and company founder, Sven Lindblad to Iceland this July.

The trip is very close in, but it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is a fantastic opportunity to visit the land of ice and snow, and the midnight sun (a la Robert Plant).  see  Iceland Hangout – Valhalla, I’m Coming.

Iceland_HangoutJust look at the speaker list –  incredible speakers, including very powerful Icelandic women who’ve ensured the land of ice and snow has smashed any glass ceiling to smithereens. And, that’s on top of what Lindblad offers with the special expedition cruising around Iceland.



You’d see Iceland in a way that very few people do!  As well as you’d be travelling with Sven Lindblad, along with the National Geographic photographers. If there’s any way you can make this trip, I’d highly encourage you to do it. Let me know if you have a girlfriend’s group that might want to go. Or perhaps a photography group. Maybe even a few science teachers, mothers and adult daughters, or perhaps new retirees! There will be something special for everyone!


Have a look at the details here – Iceland trip,  And just picture yourself with the bloody orange midnight sun this July. Imagine – $1000/day to change your life!

Contact me for more information!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran