I am a "travel advisor"… not a "travel agent"

My greatest business treasure is my existing client base. They continually reward me with repeat business, and they give me the greatest compliment when they refer me to their friends and family. I honour that trust.

My existing client base already knows and trusts in the value I provide… else they wouldn’t be repeat customers! 🙂 

 But, obviously, as a thriving small business owner, I still cultivate new client relationships. This past week has reminded me of the need to hone the conversation I have with new folks, because some don’t immediately “get” what I’m about.

First up – I am a “travel advisor.”  I am not a “travel agent.”

What’s the difference?

Well… I still have the same technical skills that a “travel agent” has. I deliver information, and can transact the sale of travel services. But a “travel agent” focuses only on the single transaction. I don’t. I will work with you to meet your family’s travel needs far beyond any single transaction.

A “travel agent” is a person/ order taker/ internet booking engine with a very limited scope of activities they complete.  As a “travel advisor,” I offer much more. I am your specialist problem-solver. I am your VIP consultant. And I am your trusted advisor. I am here to look at the specifics of your family’s vacation needs.  I bring the breadth of my knowledge, training, and experiences (as well as that of my colleagues, and the resources and connections I can draw upon from my company) to the table to help craft your family’s memories.

Think of a “travel agent” as the MacDonalds of the travel world. 

You may really need to eat something fast. Maybe you drive up to the take-out window, give the fast food order, pay your money, and get a brown bag of pre-cooked (some would say unwholesome) food in return.  Maybe you don’t mind queuing up for your food, and you even enjoy the atmosphere of eating out of boxes and paper bags. Perhaps you don’t even mind cleaning your own table (or car) after you’ve paid for the food served. Then, you would probably really enjoy a Big Mac. Go for it.


Your taste buds might want something more than a pre-cooked and pre-assembled meal. Maybe you’re looking for a little individual attention, and don’t want to feel like a number. Maybe you want someone to prepare your burger a particular way, and to talk to you about what your palette desires. Perhaps you want the finest cut of beef with all the Michelin star-foodie trimmings, or perhaps you just want an old-fashioned mom-and-pop burger that tastes terrific and was just grilled especially for you. Then, you probably shouldn’t go to MacDonald’s.  

If you’re looking for the lowest possible cost holiday, and nothing more, than I’m probably not your gal. Stick to the travel agent/ order taker/ internet booking engine.  Order the Big Mac – it’ll be cheap, you don’t expect service, and you also know how it sits in your tummy afterwards.

But, if you’re looking for something … more… If you want a holiday you will remember, then, I’m your “go to” gal. Get the meal you will savour.

You never get to recapture your personal time, so your vacation has to be right the first time. Extraordinary travel experiences don’t just happen – they are created through collaborative effort.  So, if you’re thinking about the kind of memories you’d like to take away from your next vacation, give me a call.