Hurricanes, Climate, & Visiting the Caribbean

Our earlier blogs about on plastic bags and disrupting the eco-systems certainly made me think about climate change. I’d hosted an event on Tuesday that dealt largely with climate change, or at least the impact of it on the Caribbean.
As noted above, some postulate that plastic has an impact on climate change. See  . That discussion brings us to climate change, and the hurricanes this year.
There are plenty of articles about climate change and the hurricanes we’ve see sweep through the USA and the Caribbean this fall. Here are some
See  where it notes: “Although scientists are uncertain whether climate change will lead to an increase in the number of hurricanes, warmer ocean temperatures and higher sea levels are expected to intensify their impacts.” and “Recent analyses conclude that the strongest hurricanes occurring in some regions including the North Atlantic have increased in intensity over the past two to three decades. For the continental United States in the Atlantic Basin, models project a 45-87 percent increase in the frequency of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes despite a possible decrease in the frequency of storms.
And see   where the scientific publication notes: “Many experts are confident that a warmer world will create stronger storms-and already is doing so.”
This past week, I hosted a Caribbean fundraiser and travel evening at Shepherd’s Fashions. While Hurricanes Irma and Maria (and Harvey before) had wreaked havoc on some spots, the Caribbean is vast. The Caribbean is over 1 million square miles in size, and it is 1300 miles from Bahamas to Barbados – the same distance that New York is from Miami. While we want to support the areas hurting, and donate, we also want to continue to support the areas not impacted. Tourism is the economic engine of the Caribbean.


Barbuda was impacted – it’s sister island, Antigua, was barely touched. Barbuda is not Bermuda or Barbados. Over 70% of the Caribbean did not get a strong wind. Travel, travel, travel. See the latest updates here
Did you know that the Caribbean is over a million square miles? see . Did you also know that the storms affected a stretch that was only 170 miles wide?
Here are some snaps from a wonderful evening, raising money for the affected areas of the Caribbean, and promoting travel to the unaffected islands.  I was so very fortunate to have Marlene Shepherd, proprietor of Shepherd’s Fashions, offer her venue to host a fundraiser for the Caribbean – and kindly donate 10% of any shopping proceeds to Tourism Cares as well.
Thanks for Kristin Erz of Sunquest, Travelbrands for travelling from Toronto to give a presentation on Experiences by Sunquest, highlighting some terrific opportunities to visit the Caribbean And thanks to Brent Carnegie of CanLink for travelling from Toronto to give a presentation on the properties he and wife represent, including Anse Chastenet of St. Lucia – and his arranging a terrific door prize for the event.
The event is over – but you can still donate!  Donations go right to Tourism Cares here
I’m also putting my thinking cap on to ensure Caribbean fundraising and travel continues, and I still encourage by clients to visit Shepherd’s Fashions for their shopping! Stay tuned!
Congratulations to Sarah Baxter, who won a 3 night stay to Ananda Wellness Resort in Curacao. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about Curacao!
And congratulations to Pierre Leger for winning a 4 n stay to Anse Chastenet in St Lucia. If you want to learn more about the fantastic partner, Anse Chastenet, who’d donated a four night stay for 2, please contact me. I’d love to get you away to this fantastic island property.  (And I can get Brent Carnegie on the phone to ensure we book the right accommodations for you!)