How to Travel 'Different'

With no apologies to the grammarians, Steve Jobs and Apple taught us to “think different.”  It wasn’t “think differently” – it was think different. 
Jobs implored us to think ‘different.’ As one noted, “think big, think victory, think beauty, think a little different, think a lot different, think ‘different.’ ” And we loved it. It was Apple’s most successful ad campaign ever. (And certainly ran counter to IBM’s “Think” campaign. See notes here: )
Think Different - Apple ad
Think Different – Apple ad

So, in homage to Steve Jobs, I am here to help you travel different.
If you’re like me, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket, and that’s kind of the same thing,”  But….how do you choose Where Next?

How do you possibly figure out where to go that is different? How do you challenge yourself to find new experiences, see the world differently, and go beyond the options that are being shouted about in the tour operator cookie-cutter all inclusive deals to Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic?
Of course, there’s google. 🙂  But, “getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”  You can drown.
So, if you want to travel different give me a call. I will challenge your old thinking about travel, and help present new ideas.
You could just go to a beach – OR – you could go to Anguilla.
You could just do a cruise – OR – you could do caviar & champagne on the beach with
You could just take your daughter on a weekend getaway – OR – you could go to Colombia!
You could just take a long weekend in Canada – OR – you could go to Fogo Island Inn!
You could just take a trip – OR – you could make memories!
It’s about the adventure!  And the value I can provide.
Let’s talk!  Let me curate your travel dreams – whatever is right for you!
Best regards,
Sheila Gallant-Halloran