How to Pack a Carry On

I had to travel for a work conference for 4 days.  I needed to pack business attire, as well as leisure; and I also needed cocktail party wear. I followed the methodology espoused in this video, and managed to grab and stuff all gear (including toiletries and other various sundries, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 blazers + dress pants, 4 blouses, 3 dresses, tshirts and jeans, 2 sweaters, a jacket,etc.) into one compact black carry on. A colleague of mine watched me do it, and when we started, neither of us thought it would all fit. It did!  I packed quickly, and didn’t exactly plan out what I might’ve needed. With a little advance planning, I’m sure I could’ve brought stuff for a much longer trip.

Watch this video from I have no affiliation or ties to this website, but I absolutely love their technique.  Next time you have to travel, use this to pack a carry on.  It works!

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Pack for Weeks in a Carry On

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