Honoured by biz networking group: please honour them by calling

Monday is usually guest blog day, but this Monday, I’m asking you to be my guest, and contact any/ all of the members of my business networking group. Please honour them with your business. 

My 212⁰business networking group honoured me today by voting me “notable networker” of our chapter for 2010, but, honestly, having read the criteria they used to cast their secret ballot, any number of the others could have and/or should have also received the honours.  There can only be one Notable Networker Award for each Chapter, so I’m sure the numbers were very close, if not a nine+-way tie!

The following qualities and characteristics were used in voting for the Notable Networker:
·         Overall contribution to the chapter – e.g. served on leadership team, contributes weekly, always early, positive attitude, organizes social events for the group, exemplifies Givers Gain®, etc…
·         Number and quality of referrals given
·         Number of visitors brought to the meeting
·         Number of One to Ones/ Business Building Interviews (BBIs)

If you know any of the folks in my networking group, you know they are all terrific, and all deserving to be honoured.  I’m proud to say many are not just business colleagues, but have become dear friends.

Please contact any of the following folks on the attached 212 brochure for your business needs. I’d recommend them to you.


You can find members of my twibe on twitter (hopefully, the rest of our chapter mates will follow shortly):

@Jacquie_Bushell @shanesilva @Matt_Shipley @Blake_Photo @SpicyDesigner @anottawalawyer @chirolindsay @doc_needles @BNI212

And if you’d like to come meet the gang in person, come by for breakfast some Friday morning – we’re always looking for new partners.