Guest blog from Deborah Peniuk – Loving yourself first

Hi – it’s guest blog Monday, and I’m fortunate today to have a post from my friend, and fellow Virtuoso travel advisor, Deborah Peniuk.  Deborah has a terrific outlook on life, and runs her travel business that focuses on health and wellness – AYA Life: Aspiration, Yearning, and Adventure. Her post is about the importance of loving yourself first.  Deborah’s contact details are at the end.


Loving yourself first…

When Valentine’s Day is upon us its like the world goes on a serious tilt…those that love the day rejoice and those who don’t suffer in silence or send out the bitter energy of those unhappy and alone.

I, for one, say love yourself first and take the time to add some personal health and wellness care to your year instead of dreading a day that is one of the most commercial of them all. How do you start the journey?

“I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”–Lucile Ball, 1911-1989, Comedienne and Actress

Loving yourself first is self-responsible. It is true that everything else falls into line when you take care of yourself first. Far from being selfish, it is actually the opposite of selfish.

How about taking a wonderful weekend of mind, body, spirit, a healing ambience, friendly atmosphere, with or without helpful speakers and workshops, lively energizing entertainment, and superb retail therapy to make you feel well and treasured. Many well organized retreats can help facilitate this as well as just taking yourself to a new destination near or far to remove yourself from life’s stresses and reconnect with yourself and if you are in a relationship – to assist in reconnecting with each other.


Incorporate a love or interest that you have and get away from it all, such as a foodie tour/retreat, a yoga or spiritual retreat for a weekend or longer, a photography tour with real instruction so that you are learning as well as enjoying along the way in your favourite city. For some parking themselves by a pool, or sweating it out on a beautiful beach is enough and for them I applaud the simplicity or be bold and go on a real adventure and push yourself to new limits like Zip-lining or being part of a sailing crew on the open ocean! Go for the destination that will give you the greatest personal rewards and satisfaction but be realistic with budget and expectations (especially those of yourself/partner).

I put myself through the utmost tests sometimes as I currently challenge myself with making sure I am loving myself as I am part of long-distance love with my current partner. Everyday is a check-in, every moment has me wanting the next “CHECK IN” “Boarding pass please moment” but I know that I always have to hold myself accountable.

Start Today – It’s never too late to rekindle love and romance in a stale long-term relationship whether with yourself or with a partner. Start from where you are, and begin doing things together that emphasize and celebrate you/your relationship as a couple so why not take a little vacay and indulge in life’s splendor.


Author: Deborah Peniuk, Owner & Travel Writer of AYA Life

© Deborah Peniuk 2011