Guest blog: Client Natalie Schleyer shares her Disney experiences (and photos!)

Today is Guest Blog Monday, and I’m honoured to have my client, Natalie Schleyer, write about her family’s recent visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Natalie is also a talented photographer. She is kindly sharing some of her terrific photos for the blog post. As you can see, Natalie has a keen eye for capturing memories. Her contact details at the end.


This past January, I woke my three children at 3:30 in the morning. It was finally time. I had a surprise that I had been keeping for the past month and a half and I was bursting at the seams to share. We were going to Orlando, FL and in a matter of hours we would be at Disney World!

Their reaction was what I was expecting, considering it was the middle of the night. The news was received with groans and hands in the face but within minutes of being told, as the realization of what they had just heard kicked in, I heard their squeals of excitement. We were heading to the airport and would soon be landing in Florida! Eeeeek!

For their age, I think my kids have traveled pretty extensively and those trips were fun and they were a great experience but this trip… 

Disney really is where dreams come true and the memories created will truly last a lifetime. When we stepped onto the Disney grounds, I felt like we were stepping into another world. It was a world where every single square meter was meticulously designed and perfectly laid out for everyone’s enjoyment.

We have so many favourite memories but the ones that seem to stand out to my kids are when my youngest son got to hug Woody and be an honorary train conductor, his twin sister got to meet Rapunzel and see the Lion King on stage and my oldest son, who is extremely afraid of heights, was able to go outside of his comfort zone and enjoy rides he never thought he would be able to conquer.

At Animal Kingdom we saw lions, hippos, giraffes and elephants and enjoyed the amazing shows by the uber talented Disney performers. A Bug’s Life, the Jingle Jungle Parade and Lion King were amazing and a definite must see. The Tree of Life was jaw dropping in its beauty.

Memories will be made at every park and there will be many. There is something for every age and seeing the look on your child’s face when they first see Mickey or Cinderella’s castle is priceless. This was my first time to a Disney park and the emotions I felt were not only indescribable, the magic was just as wondrous for me at 34 as I think it would have been had I been 7 years old. If you haven’t been, go, if you have, go again. I know we will be!

A huge thank you to Sheila. Being a Disney specialist with 18 trips to Disney under her belt, she guided me through the process with tips and advice and was there to answer the many questions I had. I couldn’t of planned this surprise without her and can not thank her enough for all of her time and assistance.