Global Connections

I thought I’d write about Global Connections this week. One of the things you get working with me as your travel advisor is that you can leverage the terrific relationships I have with feet-on-the-ground experts around the world.
Want a sample?  I arranged for a mayor to tour a client and her mom around a small German town on an ancestry tour with my Virtuoso onsite partner. I organized my hotelier partners in San Francisco to do personalized cupcakes for the kids while upgrading mom and dad to a suite overlooking the bay. I leveraged my great relationship with The Carlyle hotel in NYC to have a theatre-loving kid to tour the hotel suite where Elaine Stritch had lived,
And I fostered an orphan elephant with Big Five for a 16 year old’s birthday (and arranged for them to
 tour the orphanage when they were in Africa).
This is just a sample of my global connections.
These are connections that I can leverage for you to help you see the world better – and – to have insider access to things you CANNOT get on your own – whether it’s with Zita Cobb at Fogo Island Inn, with the Embassy of Iceland in Canada for a special presentation with Lindblad Expeditions, with Tourism Australia and my Aussie specialist connections, with Tauck Tours and my specialist connections, and so much more besides – such as with African Travel for Me to We partnerships, or with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic photographers onboard every sailing – I can help you see the world!

So – who is helping you see the world?  Give me a call, and let’s have a chat. Please let me know if I can help you get away!

Best regards ,