Get Fit for Travel in February

Hello, hello!  It’s February around the corner.

Wow – and all the best news about the vaccine got muted, big time, by the news from Prime Minister Trudeau on Friday.

As you may be aware, the Canadian government has implemented further restrictions on travel and specifically travellers entering Canada. See

My team and I at Vision/ Direct are compiling the specifics, and there will be further communication with more comprehensive details as soon as possible. But, at the moment, the restrictions can be summarized as follows:

• All travellers arriving in Canada must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival
• All travellers arriving in Canada will be tested upon arrival
• All travellers arriving in Canada will be required to quarantine at their own expense while awaiting arrival COVID-19 test
• All flights to and from the Caribbean and Mexico are suspended as of Jan 31, 2021 until April 30, 2021
• Beginning next week, all international passengers must land at four airports: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal

So, it’s a set back. But – hopefully, the stronger measures will lead to a quicker recovery. (And, of course, my team and I are working to get anyone home who was travelling – shades of March 2020 all over again.)

The set backs can be demoralizing – so – we have to really work to stay positive, and focus on the future.

To that end, Lush Life will host a general chat about “Getting Fit for Travel in February”

With stay-at-home orders, and these strict new restrictions on travel to sun destinations, it’s becoming more important than every to keep our travel dreams alive, and focus on future bucket list trips. So, let’s focus on how we can get in better shape for future travel in February.

Join us to share your ideas and thoughts on how to get fit in feb. Are you trying a dry February? Walking 10,000 steps a day? Working out at home? Doing a zoom exercise class? Join us to share what you’re doing to stay active – and – perhaps bring along a story of your past travels. Did you hike Machu PIcchu? Did you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef? How about travel to see the gorillas in Uganda? Or do a wine tour of Italy? Share with us some exercising you’ve done in the past for a trip – or special training (sure, wine tasting counts if it was related to a trip) – or perhaps a goal you are setting for a future trip you want to take. We can encourage and help each other, and maybe inspire some future travel plans too!

Join us for Travel Tuesday at 5 pm est on Tuesday, February 2nd at 5 pm est – for a “Getting Fit for Travel in February” chat.

Email Sheila at for questions.

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