The Four Seasons hotel chain- Social Media Savvy

As a Four Seasons preferred partner, I’m used to the Four Seasons hotel chain standing out amongst my hotel partners. I love the preferential treatment I can win for my clients. When you book Four Seasons through Lush Life Travel and Vision Travel, you will enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. I will be pleased to give you more details.

So, when I recently participated in a twitter chat on #luxchat that put the Four Seasons hotel chain front and center, I knew it would be good. The Four Seasons’ folks addressed questions from social media travelers and travel folks.

Here are some of the terrific things shared on the online discussion.

yes! @FourSeasons Hearing “Luxury is Back.” is like getting a breath of fresh air. #LuxChat

RT @FourSeasons: Check everything out this fantastic new video all abt the new here: #luxchat

yes RT @clairelizabeth: fancy new look on the @FourSeasons website. shall we travel? #luxchat

agent site cool too @pramiradcliffe: new @FourSeasons ‘social’ website is addictive! Love 5* highlights & why u’ll love it feature #luxchat

RT @LuxeTiffany: You can download the info-packed @FourSeasons Luxury Trend Report here: #FSLuxTrends #LuxChat

cool Preview @FourSeasons Luxury Trend Report

RT @pramiradcliffe: @FourSeasons sleek new ‘social’ website makes you want to holiday 365 days/year and travel the world #luxchat

new bucket list! @fureousangel: It has now been decided that it is all about staying at as many @FourSeasons as we can. #luxchat #luxliving

yup RT @DanaLaurenBerry: Luxury to me is sleeping in, ordering room service, going to the spa, and staying at any @FourSeasons ! #luxchat

@FourSeasons: #SM is an essential pillar of branding marketing.Lux brands that don’t embrace digital media won’t thrive or survive #luxchat

RT @FourSeasons: Our digital strategy helps us customize experiences, build lasting relationships and create indelible memories …

cool RT @FourSeasons: Four Seasons will build on and strengthen our digital & #SM leadership in the year ahead #luxchat

true dat RT @tropicalimaging: RT @FourSeasons: Social Media: It’s about both global AND local. A local connection is a must #luxchat

works for me! RT @LolaDiMarco: @BeverlyWilshire @LuxuryPRGal @FourSeasons huge believer in SM growing relationships! #luxchat

RT @BeverlyWilshire: RT @FourSeasons: There are 3 key measurement areas we focus on: e-commerce; PR reach and guest engagement #luxchat

my fs clients all on fb! @FourSeasons: Facebook is the mst popular social networking site 4 lux cnsmrs followed by LinkedIn+Twitter #luxchat

yes! RT @FourSeasons: Unique capabilities of Google+ and features will be highly appealing to our socially engaged consumers #luxchat

will do @FourSeasons: Four Seasons launched on Google+! Check us out here + add to your circles 🙂 1/2 #luxchat

RT @FourSeasons: We have developed KPIs w/in each category that help us gauge success of our #SM campaigns #luxchat

wow RT @BeverlyWilshire: and we invite users to give us feedback of what they want! RT @FourSeasons: Our goal on a daily basis is to…

wow RT @FourSeasons: @SalesLounge At every hotel there’s a team who tweet, ensuring we engage w/ guests & fans 24/7 #luxchat

lovely RT @FSNevis: Luxury for us is liming-this is the Caribbean fine art of doing nothing at all..#Caribbean #luxchat

aahh RT @FSPuntaMita: Lovely“@StayAdventurous: @FSPuntaMita big fan of the featured #sunsetphoto on the site looking forward to…

oh my RT @FSBoston: What does luxury taste like? Parm truffle fries we hear 🙂 #luxchat

no kidding RT @FSDenver: Sometimes it’s the little things that make up luxury. @LOCCITANE bath products for instance! #luxchat

hi! @FSVancouver: Truth! Greetings from Vancouver RT @FourSeasons: Every #FShotel has a unique, social personality that connects back to…

luv being Four Seasons pref partner too! RT @luxchat: What gr8 edition #luxchat w r guest @FourSeasons

yup – had 2 FS clients do guest blogsthis mo @HypeMediaMKTG:78% affluent partic social sites; >1/2 use socmed connect @FourSeasons #luxchat

hey @HypeMediaMKTG 1st client guest blog on @FSSanFrancisco experience – loved it #luxchat

yup – see client guest blog – Amer Girl bd in @FSChicago @FourSeasons Ea #FS hotel has unique soc person #luxchat