Facebook Friends Share Their Advice for Disney First-timers

Hi – this morning I posted the following on facebook:

I know it’s possible to have your dream Disney experience, even if you haven’t been there before. (I help people do that.) Tell me, though – what’s your one-piece of advice for Disney first-timers?

I thought the responses from my facebook friends and clients were terrific. Read for yourself, and enjoy!  And maybe add to the list!

Janet Kocur You can’t do it all in one trip! 

Susan Murphy Wear comfortable shoes! 

Lisa Theriault Get the meal plan and book your meals EARLY – the special ones, like Mickey’s Cafe, book up fast so your seating time could end up being after 8pm, and with little kids, that can be a challenge (we dinned at 8:30 so had to have them nap ealier in the day). 

Jennifer Robbins What Janet said!!! 

Rachel Kreft stop and go inside for a cold drink regularly – the rides aren’t going anywhere 🙂 

Laurence Jacks Take the kids out of school and go when its not crowded.

Jennifer Robbins That a good one too, Laurence. That’s what we have always done!!!

Rachel Kreft Explain to the kids before you the maximum time you are willing to wait for a ride but explain that doesn’t mean they won’t get to do it just not at that moment- that way when they see the wait time you don’t get the tantrums or the pleading. Our maximum wait time limit was half an hour (we’ve always gone peak time/ hottest time) and yet we still managed to hit every ride we wanted to do but with a fraction of the hanging around.

Karen Painter Bellows Get the meal plan (food is very expensive at Disney and its well worth it) and the refillable mugs. They are a good souvenir and great when the kids are whining about being thirsty…you don’t have to say no! Also take regular pool breaks when its hot. We went to the parks early, then came back after lunch for a few hours to cool of, than went for dinner/parks/shopping. It was 40 + degrees there last week so it was nessasary!!

Let’s keep this train a’chuggin’.  What advice would you give to a Disney First-Timer?