Expedition vs Cruise – What's the Difference

Expedition vs Cruise – What’s Difference?
Watch this Lindblad Video
Want to know the biggest difference with expedition cruising from other cruising?
How about this video.
I did a circumnavigation cruise of Newfoundland with Lindblad. I was blown away by the differences that an expedition cruise offers you in terms of learning and insight. Watch this video I put together of my trip.
Wanna go to Antarctica? It’s no surprise that Lindblad is the best of the best.
See this top 10 list of why you should go to Antarctica with them.

It’s time to walk on the 7th continent. Watch.
And contact me to leverage the fantastic relationships I have with Lindblad to make sure we have the best possible trip booked for you.
Let me know if I can help you arrange your expedition cruise in the new year!