Exodus Travels – for Solos (& Others)

It’s clear that adventure travel is certainly on the rise – both in interest, and in folks asking my assistance to book.
This past Wednesday, April 26th, I had an absolutely wonderful evening with 35 truly engaged people coming out to the market on a lovely warm Ottawa spring evening – all to listen to myself, Tony Perdomo and Andrew Appleyard of Exodus Travels talk about their this exciting new niche of travel. Exodus Travel is a partner I work with for a lot of clients, and I love leveraging the relationships I’ve built with these special travel partners to bring them to Ottawa, and put them in front of my clients.That’s part of the benefit of working with a travel advisor like me – I can leverage my relationships to give you access to experts and offerings that you ordinarily would never have access to.
Andrew Appleyard was in Ottawa from the Exodus UK office, and he was so impressed with the people who’d attended my event, as well as their questions and enthusiasm, that Andrew wants to come back to do another event with me (even though he doesn’t ordinarily get to Canada very often.) So – stay tuned for part deux!
If you’d like to learn more about Exodus – please give me a call.  My friends Andrew and Tony of Exodus have given me an exclusive discount of $150 off their adventure trips. So, if you’d like to book one of their trips with me over the next month, I can get that special discount for trips booked before May 26th. 
Exodus has been around for 43 years, so they know what they’re doing, and their itineraries are well-tested. With Exodus Travels, I can offer you over 500 different itineraries and tours in 90 countries across all seven continents . I’m sure I can help you find an adventure holiday to spark your wanderlust. Exodus has lots of wonderful options for couples, friends, and solo passenger itineraries. Solo passengers can join a regular scheduled itinerary and have Exodus pair you up with a roommate (same sex), or you can pay the reduced solo supplement to get your own room. Did you know that 60% of all Exodus travelers are solo travelers? (44% are solo women.)   Of course, the other 40% of travelers are couples and friends traveling together – so – there’s something for everyone!
Let me know if you’d like to check out their Walking trips (e.g., Walking the Prosecco Hills, Walking the Amalfi Coast); Cycling (e.g., Cycle Vietnam; Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama); Cultural (e.g., Peru and Inca Trail, Iceland Northern Lights, Taste of Cuba); or Exotic (e.g., Highlights of Myanmar, Festivals of Bhutan.)
Contact me if you’d like to book an adventure travel trip – with Exodus or other partners!
Best regards,