Drive a Ferrari through Tuscany


What’s on your bucket list?

Ever picture yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari? How about in control of a Ferrari F430 Spider F1, accelerating it through the steep, windy hills of Tuscany?

I can help you get that feeling of exhilaration and the wind blowing through your hair. A Canadian tour operator I work with (Victours) offers several tours (1, 3, or 5 days in length) that lets you drive different models of Ferraris through Italy. Their self-drive tours offer “absolute luxury combined with the ultimate Gran Turismo experience…  Each tour is a sublime blend of art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, and spectacular scenery. ”

Their one day tours have you driving a Ferrari for a day, starting in Florence and winding through the country side to San Gimignano, Siena and back. The 1-day Chianti & Mille Miglia Ferrari tour is described in the pdf link below – it is priced at $3450 per person, and the tours run upon request.

Come live la Dolce Vita!

1 Day Chianti