Disney Pop Quiz – Do you know the answers?

POP QUIZ  – See how much you know!



1. Disneyland and Disney World are the same place

 2. Theme parks are all that Disney does

 3. You can see all there is to see at Walt Disney World in Orlando in 4 days

 4. If your kids are younger than 10, you’re wasting your time going to Disney because they won’t remember a thing

 5. If you’re not a ride person, Disney is not for you

 6. The best time to go to the parks is when the kids are out of school

 7. You’ll have the best time going to Disney if you go by the seat-of-your-pants with absolutely no planning at all

 8. Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth, alcohol is in abundance

 9. Staying Off-site is cheaper than staying On-site

 10.  Food is the most expensive part of visiting Disney

 11.  Buy base tickets to see all you can, park hoppers are a waste of time

 12.  two 5-day-park hopper tickets cost the same as one 10-day park hopper ticket

 13.  with the tough economic times, Disney is really hurting

How did you do?  (Answers posted tomorrow.)