Disney Magic

I’m at Disney with my family, for our 26th visit. We love Walt Disney World in Orlando.
We love Disney. It is our family happy place.

And what a lovely welcome we had from #polynesianresort when we arrived. They’d heard we were celebrating 30 years of marriage, and welcomed us with special leis. The tea leaves for Bill were especially touching. His mom and dad welcomed us to Maui ~ 20 years ago when we visited them for Christmas, and they had tea leaf leis for us. Bill lost his mom and dad recently, and the gift of the leis was like them saying “hello” from heaven.
We do it up right, and hit the parks running, barely taking a break for a swim.

Do you like to get dizzy? Here are my girls on the tea cups.

If you’d like to get away for a family vacation – to Disney or otherwise – let me know.
Please contact me. I can orchestrate your travel dreams!
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