Disney – Info on Stroller Rentals (and other Parking) at WDW

Do you ever wonder about stroller rentals at Walt Disney World in Orlando?  The ones at Epcot are shown above… and while they’re all getting more uniform now (used to be they were different colours at MK, Epcot, HS, and AK), the hard plastic core is pretty standard.  The strollers are convenient if you do the multi-day rentals – because once you fill out your stroller name card, you can take it with you from park to park, and skip the huge queue for new day rentals.  But, they aren’t the most comfortable for little kids in particular,  they can’t leave the park (so, if your wee one is asleep or tired, it’ll mean mom or dad will be carrying outside park gates), and they are plentiful (you might easily get them mixed up and/or moved around stroller parking by Disney attendants)…. however, they are convenient.

Convenience does come with a price.

Here are the current WDW Stroller Rental Fees:
–   $100 deposit for all strollers
–   $15 / day for single day rental – single stroller
–   $13/day for multi-day rental – single stroller
–   $31/day for single day rental – double stroller
–   $27/day for multi-day rental – double stroller

And, if you’re parking vehicles (as well as strollers) at the WDW Theme Parks, keep in mind that if you’re not staying at the onsite hotels, you have to factor those costs into your stay. It’s $14/day car ; $15/day camper / RV (you pay per day if not onsite guest)