Discover the Tauck Difference

We recently held an event to educate our clients and their friends on Tauck and their inspirational approach to travel.  As part of that event we featured a special offer for anyone who was interested in making a reservation for a 2018 Tauck journey or river cruise.
Many clients expressed an interest in attending but were not able to make it that day so we have decided to extend the offer to any clients that we think would enjoy a Tauck journey or river cruise.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and let me know if you are interested in discussing Tauck further and taking advantage of this unique offer.  Tauck really does have service that sets the standard.

Book now and take advantage of 
Lush Life’s/ Vision Travel’s 
Book a Tauck journey of your choice for travel in 2018 and receive
  • 2 Complimentary Hotel nights.
  • FREE round trip transfers from your home to the airport
  • $150 Visa gift card
This limited time offer is available until 
October 25, 2017.
Remember, Tauck Tours has been around for over 90 years, and consistently wins awards as one of the world’s best – whether it’s their land tours, river cruises, small ship, or other travel experiences. Yet, very few Canadians know much about them – mostly because as a company, they’ve chosen to do very little advertising. Instead, they’ve chosen to deliver exceptional value and travel, and relay on their past passengers to spread word-of-mouth testimonials (and, of course, bring trusted advisors. like me. into the fold – to shout out how wonderful they are.)
I will feature some Tauck tours in the Vast section below – they do river cruises up right! But – they are so much more than just a river cruise company.. they do land tours, small ship cruising. BBC Earth journeys, American Journeys inspired by documentary film-maker Ken Burns, and special events. See a sampling here. vast
But – they are the best at river cruising!
Here’s a snippet video of my husband on our Tauck family river cruise this summer – . (Kindly note, this was a category 4, french balcony cabin.)
SOLO TRAVELER ALERT – every category 1 (lead in cabin) on Tauck river cruises, all sailings, are offered without a solo passenger supplement. the category 1 are the high window cabins.

Here’s a picture of my cruise director this summer. Carlos had kindly showed me his cabinThis is what a high window cabin is like on a river cruise. It provides light, you can see out when you stand, when you look out you can see the waterline is below you, the window doesn’t open, and when you lie in bed you are lying underneath the water line. This is a great value option