Dear Travel, We Miss You!

Dear Travel, We Miss You!

Travel is coming back. Eventually. We know it. There are the sprouts of growth showing.

According to a new vacation survey, there is an incredible pent up demand for travel with nearly 95 percent of those surveyed planning on taking a vacation in 2020 or 2021. See article

But – we don’t want to just start re-stuffing stuff into our suitcases just yet.

There is still that pesky virus lurking around – but – we are getting some encouraging news about a vaccine. So, we’re holding on to hope of that. And, the downtime has seen tremendous growth in the health and safety world of travel. Plus, my counterparts are spending time re-engineering what they do and how.

So, it’s time for you, as a consumer, to think about how you want to travel when you are ready to go again.

As my friends at G Adventures say, Travel can change the world. But first we need to change travel.

We have to build it back better. We have to be conscious about how we are going to travel and how. We have to make sure we are making the world better when we do.

I attended an ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agents) virtual webinar this week, and I attended a TL Talks Global “from frivolous to meaningful.”. Both were powerful and inspiring days.

Here’s a taste of what my influential partners like Costas Christ of Beyond Green Travel, and Richard Bailey of Pacific Beach had to say about the power of transformational travel. Give it a watch.

And join me this Tuesday for my Travel Tuesday.

Lush Life Travel & G Adventures

Join me online Tuesday at 5 pm for a Travel Tuesday zoom call – if you could take only ONE more trip.

I’m thrilled to be joined by my partners at G Adventures.

Lush Life & G Adventures – G Adventures joins Sheila to talk about G Adventures different styles of travel, who their typical clients are, where they travel, what sets G Adventures apart from other companies, changes they’ve made for safety and security of their passengers in a CoVid world, and the company’s financial stability.

Join Sheila and Gary Armstrong from G Adventures if you can!

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