Coronavirus – Helping us Focus on Bucket List Travel  

In a Coronavirus-shut-down-world, it’s sometimes hard to keep moving forward, and focus on the positive. So, when something good happens, or you accomplish something, you have to celebrate.

So, proud mamma moment, this girl just wrote her LSAT! I’m proud of my daughter Ciara for working hard all summer, taking a Law School Admission Test prep course, and then writing the LSAT exam online this week. She found a way to make it work.

And finding a way to make it work as we live and endure this global pandemic is what it’s all about.

Working in travel throughout this CoVid mess has been a wild ride. Travel was hit first. Travel was hit hardest. And travel will take the longest to recover. But, we have a long runway. We will take off again.

This week, I’m highlighting where Canadians and Americans can travel currently (see travel articles below). And, while right now, we can’t visit all of our own countries at this point (at least not without restrictions), I’m looking forward to traveling again – hopefully soon!

One good thing to come from Coronavirus. As we all are dreaming today to travel tomorrow, we are thinking about trips that matter – and the memories we’ll make when we can finally travel again.

So, Coronavirus is helping us focus on bucket list trips, right?

We are missing family and friends – and can’t wait to be with them again. Have a big milestone birthday coming up, or a special anniversary? Travel together.

And, of course, we’re not spending much money on travel in 2020. So – the upside is – we’ll have twice the normal travel budget to spend in 2021. So, with that bigger budget, take the trip that matters. Take a bucket list trip. Take the big trip first.

Over the past 13 Tuesdays, I’ve hosted a Travel Tuesday series – often with travel partners like Big Five Tours, Lindblad Expeditions, Southern World, etc – and sometimes special sessions that I’ve put on. This week, I’m hosting Cara Matthew of Quark Expeditions to talk Antarctica.Throughout it all, I’m helping us all (me included) think about the next big trip.

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