Client Testimonial – Best Family Vacation Ever

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I love getting testimonials from clients.  Here’s a recent one. (Thanks, Amanda!)

Best Family Vacation EVER!!!

By: A.D.

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2015

We had done a few short one day visits to Disney and I had been a few times as a child myself. We knew we wanted the “FULL Disney Experience” when we were planning holidays as a family. Our children had loved our one day visit to Magic Kingdom the year before and after they did 17 hours there non-stop we knew they were ready for more! Sheila’s online presence and blog always have such great information I knew we just had to connect with her to book our Disney vacation. We booked a vacation for 3 adults (nana came along!) and our 3 children (ages 6 weeks, 2 and 4). Sheila explained all of our options extremely well and helped us in deciding where it was best for us to stay based on our needs and preferences. The vacation was AMAZING. All of our reservations were taken care of, she checked in on us while we were there and was able to answer all of our questions with accuracy and speed. THANK YOU Sheila! I would recommend that everybody connects with her!! THANK YOU!
Travel end date: 06 Mar 2015
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