#VastChat #3 – Cinque Terre & Tuscany are Calling – Transcript of Chat w Tauck Tours Jul.5.13


Images of Cinque Terre and Tuscany pull you to come visit.

I recently hosted a twitter chat with my colleague @moe_adventure, with special guest from @tauck, Jackie Coulson (@yearsoftravel).

Maureen and I will host a tour of Cinque Terre and Tuscany with Tauck Tours next May.

Read the transcript to learn more about why Tauck offers incredible and first class tours, with culturally immersive small group tours.

Join us on our trip to Cinque Terre and Tuscany.


Contact me at Sheila.gh@vision2000.ca or 613-837-0699 for more info about this women’s only group tour we are hosting on May,3,2014.

Cinque Terre & Tuscany are calling you!