CIE Tours and Visit Ireland

I’m having a cup of coffee as I write this, piecing together the follow up details to the presentation I had with CIE Tours about Ireland this week. There was quite a bit of interest in putting together a group trip, so we’re looking at May 2019. I’ll have details to share next week, but please let me know if you’d like to go.
Of course, if a group trip isn’t for you, and you prefer to either do a self-drive or maybe have a private car and driver, I can still help you get to the Emerald Isle. Lemme know if you’d like to learn more.  Let me know. As a result of my travel chat, I can offer a 7% savings if you book an escorted coach tour with me before Wednesday, Oct.24.18 (And here is another idea to tempt you if you’re a reveler – celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland )
CIE Tours is a favoured travel supplier. I love all my Virtuoso travel partners. And while I love them all, I love some a little extra!