Brexit Impact on Travel? Visit Now!

Wow, what a week!  Who would’ve foreseen that the United Kingdom would vote to leave the EU?!
While the stock markets and the pound recover from the shock, the reality of how this will play out on the tourism trade is still to be seen.
Of course, there are various experts (both real and self-proclaimed) all prognosticating; and the cable news cycle has been going wild.
Here are just some of the statements and stories that are out there:
What the Brexit Vote Means for the Global Tourism Industry – Skift article – this article notes “Shock. That’s the best word that encapsulates not just how the global tourism industry feels, but the global community at large, given the news that British voters have essentially voted themselves out of the European Union (EU) after more than four decades of European membership” And the article also goes on to outline the financial impact on travel.
Brexit Fallout: What Now for Travel and Tourism to the United Kingdom? – NBC news – this article notes that the British pound took a beating, “But wherever the pound settles, U.S. visitors to the United Kingdom – for now, anyway – will get a lot more for their travel dollars, especially in London, a traditionally expensive city for visitors”.
What leaving the EU could cost travelers – UK Telegraph – this article raises questions about what will be the impact on borderless travel in Europe, what impact will there be on low-cost airlines, will there be higher roaming charges and less protection, will duty free be back, and will beach pollution rise.
Will Brexit be disastrous for the tourism industry?
Most say no. See here – Virtuoso statement. Some say there will definitely be impact – see here – abta prior study. Some say yes it can be disastrous-see article here – daily mail . Some say the 6 nations of Malta, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia will particularly suffer – see article here – bloomberg article
Everything will take a long time to sort out. But – the very short term impact certainly means that it’s a very good time to go visit both the UK and Europe.  And – they can benefit from your tourism dollars, the same as you can benefit from visiting them.
There are so many wonderful European holidays – from active travel to river cruises to ocean cruises, and more besides. Let me help you VISIT NOW!
I hosted a private event at a condo last week with my partners at World Expeditions. I’ve featured two of their Europe trips below (they have over 400 active travel trips to Europe). But there are many more besides. For two weeks, I’ve offered attendees there $25/p  

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There are some incredible cruising offers. I’m highlighting some unbelievable river cruise offers with Avalon Waterways (with free air – you’re almost getting the cruise for free – last week’s offer has been extended), as well as some incredible ocean cruise offers with Regent Seven Seas that is gone for sure on June 30th. (Offers are extremely limited, so if anything interests you, let me know this week.)
Avalon Waterways- Europe River Cruises
Free Air – Limited Availability 
The offer I’d included in last week’s newsletter has been extended. Again, it’s capacity controlled (so can be withdrawn at any time), but the free air (saving $1000++/p) and early booking bonus (saving $1600/p) has been extended to July 26th. This is incredible value.
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I’ve booked 4 cabins on Avalon Waterways “Danube” – July 22, 2016 cruise for 7 nights. A category D picture window (think a basement window in your house) was $2145 CAD per person (based on double – now $78 higher with Father’s day promo over)

This includes round trip air, transfers, prepaid gratuities, and the 7 night cruise.  Remember, Avalon includes a shore excursion in each port, and beer & wine at dinner. (You can also purchase additional alcohol and shore excursions). This is the cruise It includes air from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver – but you can do an add on from Halifax or St. John’s for $140/p more. Just an incredible deal.
I was also booking cabins on their Paris to Beaches of Normandy on August 2nd with very similar pricing (as well as dates on August. 9th and August 13th). Pricing is just over $2300/person including round trip air, etc. See
See the full list of 2016 dates and sailings here
Best value dates I think? I won’t include the prepaid gratuities and port below in pricing, but see here for the most economical cabin category that is currently available::
1. 8 d Brussels-Ams July 28th-  Holland & Belgium Tulips  starts $1,669/p
2. 8 d Ams-Vilvoorde July 21st – Holland & Belgium Tulips starts $1,669/p
3.  8 d Paris rdn trip – Paris to Normandy-  Aug 2nd (or 9th)- starts $1,836/p(There’s also London add on turning same cruise to an 11 day)
4. 10 d Paris-Ams Canals, Vineyards – July 12 (or 19th) – starts $2,269/p 
5.  11 d Cote d’azure-Paris -Burgundy & Provence July 25 starts $2,291/p
6. 12 d Paris-Prague-Central Europe Exper July 5 or Aug 2 starts $2,813/p
7. 12 d Prague-Paris -Central Europe Exper-July5 &July 12 starts $2,813/p
8. 13 d Budapest-Prague – Blue Danube Oct. 22 – starts at $2,713/p
9. 13 d Ams- Basel – The Rhine & Moselle – Oct.18 starts $5204/p
10. 13 d Ams-Vienna – European Splendour – July 15 – starts $3,658/p
11. 14d Cote d’Az-London Burg & Provence – July 25/29 &Aug 8 $3,948/p
12 . 14 d Vienna- Bucharest – Blue Danube-Black Sea –Oct.17 $4029/p
13. 14 d Bucharest-Vienna – Blue Danube- Black Sea – Oct.5 $4,029/p
14. 15 d Budapest -Ams- Magnificent Europe –  Sept.26 starts $5330/p – and Dec.19th higher category starting at $5,441/p
15. 15 d Ams- Budapest – Magnificent Europe – Oct.26 – starts $4,107/p
16. 21 d Bud- London- Magn Europe +Paris +London – S.26th –  $7,552/p
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Regent Seven Seas
Stockholm to Copenhagen – September 12,2016
Cruisin’ with Regent has never been more affordable – especially to Europe!  I still have access to a flash capacity controlled sale until June 30th. Remember, Regent is all-inclusive – so even the shore excursions are included, as well as gratuities and alcohol.
Want to know the best deal, I think? The Sept.12, 2016 – 10 Nights Copenhagen to Stockholm Regent Sevens Seas. Regent’s website is selling the cruise at $8999 USD cat H Deluxe Verandah Suite pp. (as you can see here here ) My flash capacity controlled sale at $4699 USD with free air from Toronto or Montreal (add $249 from Ottawa) or you can take the $1200 air credit, and cruise for $3499. This is a great itinerary with 3 days in St. Petersburg.
The Venice to Barcelona sailing is also terrific  with Venice to Barcelona, with the 10 night Best of Mediterranean on August 6, 2016. See

Other itineraries, such as the pacific coast, and the Alaska cruises, are included too – as well as several London-based itineraries around Europe.

You can click on the blog links below to see the sailings included in the sale, and the regular pricing on Regent’s website- but call me to get the flash sale prices. Just know, I have at least $2000/person off – sometimes more, depending on the category – on each sailing.
Have a look at Alaska & Pacific Coast cruises. See here There are also some terrific Med/ Europe cruises: See here
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Exploring the Cotswolds 
8 Days Self-Guided Walking
Officially designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Cotswold landscape is an entrancing mixture of parkland, cultivated fields with dry-stone walls of Jurassic limestone and patches of unspoiled woodland. 
With almost all of the cottages, farmhouses and villages passed on the trail made of stone, the scenery blends with the structures creating a delightful fusion of natural and man-made beauty. About half of the trail, from Stratford-upon-Avon to Winchcombe, coincides with the Cotswold Way, a 102 mile long distance path that is claimed to be the best waymarked in England. Staying in a selection of handpicked B&Bs and guesthouses whose hosts welcome you each evening including the famous Pudding Club Hotel in Mickleton, this is a perfect introduction to walking in the English countryside.
Priced from $1,349 p.p CAD land only (based double)
Sheila Gallant-Halloran