"Boo, Happy Hallowe'en" – Mickey's Not So Scary Hallowe'en Party

I love Hallowe’en.  Save Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday of the year. On October 1st each year, the kids dig out the “RIP” signs, ghosts, plastic skeleton bones, etc., and we get our yard ready for the fun.  We fill big pumpkin plastic bags with leaves, and really get into the “spirit” of things.  And, of course, the decorating continues inside.

We’ve still decorated outside and in this year, but one of our traditions is missing.  And that’s attending the “Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowe’en Party” (MNNSHP) at Walt Disney World.

We’d done the MNSSHP three years in a row, and I didn’t think we’d miss it this year if we backed up our annual jaunt to WDW to the end of August, beginning of September.  Don’t get me wrong – we had an awesome time at the parks this year, and really took advantage of the smaller crowds and terrific weather. (We visited when the Florida kids had already returned to school, so the queues were shorter.) At the time, we congratulated ourselves on being so wise to go earlier … but…

now the leaves are turning their splendid yellow, gold, and orange; and they’re even starting to waft down from the trees. The burning bush in my yard is a brilliant red. And the weather has that crisp apple fall tartiness to it.  Gosh darn it, why aren’t we at Disney?

And just how am I going to get this year’s MNSSHP tshirt, and add to my collection?

Hhmm, have to go back again real soon! (Trip #19 can’t come soon enough!)

The MNSSHP is an awesome event for those of you who haven’t taken it in yet.  Sure, it’s a separate ticket party – those who don’t purchase the MNSSHP will have a shortened day at Magic Kingdom. It usually closes by 7pm.  But those with their MNSSHP will usually start to show up around 4pm, and join in the festive fun. The party continues until midnight.

The parks look lovely decorated in the autumnal splendour. And everyone dons a costume for the MNSSHP – adults, kids, characters alike.  It’s a blast. 

But, be forewarned, it’s called the Not So Scary party for a reason – no gore, blood, guts, violent costumes are allowed.  Save those for your definitely adult parties.  The Magic Kingdom party is meant for kids of all ages.

There are all kinds of special things at the MNSSHP – such as “free” face painting, which my girls love to take in.

Of course, Cinderella’s pumpkin ride is on display, transformed into a regal carriage, so all may be photographed next to it.

There are special parades, and fireworks just for Hallowe’en, and the “headless horseman” begins the festivities off right. 

And, of course, there are balloons, and trick-or-treating throughout the park.  What silly fun!

So, if you like Hallowe’en, check out Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowe’en Party at WDW. There’s still a few dates for this year, but if you can’t quite squeeze it in, plan on it for next year.  I know I will be!