Bernie’s Mittens

Happy Sunday!

There’s a new energy. Do you feel it?

Sure, we’re still in lockdown. Ontario is under a stay-at-home order, even – mind you, the -24 Celsius we had yesterday (with the wind) encourages you to stay in bed. And our Prime Minister is telling us to cancel travel plans for the winter and spring. So, when we peak out from under the bedcovers, we look for the light.

If you watched the inauguration of Joe Biden this week, you saw light. We heard what has been touted to be one of the best inaugural speeches ever. (Read text Biden.) And a young 22 year old poet named Amanda Gorman reminded us that we can still rise, and that we should be the light. (Watch her speech below. Read the poem here Poet )

And #BerniesMittens became a meme. The senator from Vermont knows cold (like we do). He dressed warmly for the inauguration in a no-nonsense outfit so he could focus on the day, wearing mittens made by a constituent. And the internet went wild for Bernie. It was like a great release – something to have fun with, something to share the light – and the warmth. I even got him at Virtuoso travel seek (see picture here). No doubt you’ve seen all the pictures. Here are two of my favourites from Big Bang Theory and Friends. Of course, Senator Sanders jumped in and created sweatshirts with the meme, with sales going to a Vermont food bank. They sold out in short order. (See

But Bernie is still travelling around the world – in the spirit of light and fun, he has united us all.

Have fun. Enjoy the light!