Be a Bespoke Traveller over a Travel Mooch (another quiz!)

Yesterday’s quiz was a good one – had numbers to back it up, and seemed to really get to the heart of what was important to people in their vacation planning. (Check out yesterday’s post if you missed it.

Today I have another that is a little easier – 10 questions, instead of 3 pages of questions – and it’s a little more off the cuff.  But, it’s interesting nonetheless.

CTV’s travel expert, Loren Christie, has put together his own quiz.  Watch the video and/or just do the 10 question quiz that Loren gave Seamus and Jennifer on a CTV morning show last month.

Loren’s categories were: Bespoke Traveller, Experience-Hungry Traveller, Repeat Offender Traveller, or Travel Mooch.

Which one are you?