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A trip with Backroads (one of my Virtuoso Active and Speciality Travel, or VAST) partners is a special thing.

For one thing,  Backroads is the #1 active travel company in the world. They’ve been arranging active trips for 35 years.

For another, look at the list of amazing destinations around the world they see.  As the above chart shows, they certainly do the regular US, France, and Switzerland trips; but they also do Bhutan and Cambodia and Burma/ Myanmar.

And Backroads knows what they are doing. Here is slide about their most popular destinations around the world. So, whether it’s a Napa long weekend for a romantic couple getaway, a family trip to Yellowstone or the Loire Valley, there is certainly something for everyone.

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Of course, what really sets Backroads apart is the support they provide their travelers.

There are two support vans. That means if a family is cycling and the youngest decides they’ve had enough for the day, but everyone else wants to keep going, one support van brings them (and a parent, presumably) back to the hotel, while another support van stays with the group.

You also have daily mileage options – so if you’re cycling as a couple, and one really wants to push themselves on a certain day, and the other wants to have an easier day, you have route options that you each can pursue – and – you can meet up at the end.

You really can travel at your own pace!

And – speaking of pace- Backroads now has electric-assist bikes. You still have to pedal to get the battery to kick in – there is no noise or smell, as it isn’t gas powered – but the battery will help you up hills, for example, or perhaps at the end of the day when you just are feeling a little tired.  Nothing like a little extra power to help you reach your destination.

Want to learn more a bout Backroads?  Call me!  I can help your family, couple, friend, group (or even you solo) get away on an active travel adventure!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran


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