Avoid Travel Nightmares – Work w a Professional Travel Advisor

Do you really need reminders on why you should work with a professional travel advisor?  Really?

Remember – PITA x 2 !

The first reason to hire a travel advisor is a pain avoidance PITA = working with a professional travel advisor saves you the PITA=pain in the a$%. Professional travel advisors have better connections, resources, booking engines, knowledge, and experience than you. Why wouldn’t you hire a personal advocate to be in your corner?  Just cause you can find the xray online doesn’t mean you can do the surgery!

The second reason to hire a travel advisor is the pleasure attraction PITA = working with a professional travel advisor gives you the PITA = pleasure in the advisor. Professional travel advisors, especially Virtuoso travel advisors (ahem) can vip you.  We can get you special amenities, and make your stay extra special. If you book online, you are a reservation number – you are not my VIP client.

Read these two stories of what had happened to Canadians this week when they booked their travel online instead of hiring a professional travel advisor. Several Montrealers showed up a Florida home they thought they’d rented online, only to find a startled owner on the other end who wasn’t expecting visitors. And other Canadians booked online air tickets that Expedia later cancelled because they had no authority to sell the special tickets to consumers.




Think these folks wish they’d hired a travel advisor?  Remember – PITA x 2.

And that applies even to simple tour operator packages!  See this flyer if you need tempting to get away Sheila-Gallant-Halloran_itc_flyer_winter2012