Astro Tourism

As you think about what the one place is you’d like to go when all of this CoVid19 mess is behind us (hopefully, sooner rather than later) – I want you to think about Astro tourism.

Astro tourism, you say? What the heck is that?!

Even the words sound out of space.

One of the things about this CoVid10 twilight zone we are all living through right now is that travel advisors and our partners are talking even more than ever before. We’re helping each other focus on what’s ahead, just as I’m encouraging you as my client to think ahead. Keep dreamin’. Keep thinking about travel. Keep thinking about when we have the freedom to move around the world ago, and thinking about where you want to go first.

My partner Gabriella Rabiero at Tru Marketing wrote me a note recently talking about Astro Tourism. She noted: ” What would it be like to sit under a blanket of white, gold and pink stars in some of the darkest and remote places on Earth? Well, to me right now that sounds like a dream and I am sure most people under quarantine right now can only imagine such a scenario. ”

So, I ask you to think about sitting under that blanket now.

Where would you like to go to see the stars?

In a world of social distancing, certainly visiting places less crowded is going to gather our imaginations right now.

How about a gorgeous Astrotourism itinerary that takes you through southern Africa’s optimal spots for stargazing, blending the wonders of wildlife and luxury in between?

How about you lie in a tent in the Atacama desert, and stare up at the skies in Chile? (Have you seen the CBC Documentary, Cielo? )

How about you pull off the side of the road in Queensland, Australia; and stare at the Milky Way from a new perspective? (One of my best travel memories ever had me experience this with some travel colleagues and friends a couple of years ago. It was magical.)

Or what uncrowded pristine place in the world calls out your name?

Domestic travel will likely recover first after we start to move about again.

What about you finally visit my home province in Newfoundland, and visit Fogo Island Inn?

What about you visit Haida Gwaii, and do a small expedition cruise around Canada’s Galapagos Islands?

What about a discovery trip through Alberta? Maybe ride the Rocky Mountaineer?

Let me know if you want to lie under that blanket of white, gold and pink stars in some of the darkest and remote places on Earth. Let’s keep dreamin’.

Let me know if you’d like to chat.