An Oasis at Cobbler's Cove, Barbados

It was a treat to leave the snow of Ottawa, and land in Barbados on December 13th.  How lovely to land amidst sunshine and palm trees!  And say “bye bye” to the de-icing at the airport at home!




As were the rum punches,and special champagne and lobster/ caviar canapes. My colleague, Alex Yates, and I landed in Barbados to embark on our Seabourn Spirit cruise. By the time we got to Cobblers Cove, we were tired, and had had a fuller tour of the island than we’d intended (thanks to cab from the airport who’d dropped us off at the wrong hotel – lesson learned: we will arrange car transfers directly with Cobblers for our clients).  We were pleased with the gracious hospitality, and lovely feel at Cobblers. Alex and I immediately felt at home, and were bemoaning the fact that we’d only scheduled one night at this lovely property.

However, we made the most of the time we had.



We loved our room.  And we especially loved the lanai-type louvered doors that extended the living room to the outside.  And I loved opening it in the morning, and having the birds fly in!



Alex and I enjoyed a lovely meal at the restaurant that evening – hhmm, fresh swordfish.

 And we toured the property as best we could after dark.



 The next morning, of course, we took the opportunity to swim in the warm Caribbean waters. It was spectacular!




So warm and inviting!

After a quick change, we had breakfast, and did some more touring.

There is a special feature about Relais & Chateaux properties – they do not put TVs in the guest rooms (although the rooms do have free wifi). There is a TV room, and small library, but if TV watching is important to you, it’s important to know this upfront.  Then again, you’re probably not coming to Barbados for American and Canadian TV watching – you can get plenty of that with the snow at home!
















The property also has a lovely pool overlooking the ocean. Wanna go for a dip?

It really is a special property.  It felt so serene, and lush. A wonderful oasis from the snow back home!

There was one funny niggle that Alex and I found, that we understand is slated for renos soon. Electrical plugs are tied to the light switch. Which means, if you need to charge your cell phone or laptop while you sleep, you need to leave a light on.  However, resident manager Scarlette Clarke assured us this will be rectified in the near future.

Having sent clients to Cobbler’s Cove previously, I now understand why they came back so rested and relaxed. It is a wonderful little property in Barbados. It is up north, and about as far away from the airport you can get (and the cruise terminal is about midway from the airport and the Cobbler’s Cove). But if you are looking for a special getaway, it is well worth the little bit of extra effort.

Thank you, Scarlette, for your hospitality. Alex and I are thrilled to have enjoyed this Virtuoso property in person, and can send clients with confidence.