A Hawaiian Feast at O'hanas

Staying at the Polynesian resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando this past trip, we had to have the character meal at the resort (well, we also tried to get supper at O’hanas… but it was booked solid for our entire stay).

O’hana is Hawaiian for “family,” as anyone who has seen the movie “Lilo & Stitch” can tell you; and O’hanas does provide a lovely family feast.

Even the waiting area is lovely.  Like most Disney character meals (and other sitdown spots), advanced dining reservations gets you the next available table. 

But we didn’t have to wait long before our pager started lighting up, telling us our table was ready.

You’re first welcomed to the restaurant by getting lei’ed. The kids loved this, and of course, all the characters who visit your table are lei’ed too, adding to the Polynesian theme.

I haven’t donned a lei since I was last in Hawaii (well, other than getting them at check in at the Polynesian hotel), so it’s a little odd to find yourself wearing one in Florida. With the palm trees, batik-themed decor, and the landscaping, Mickey does his level best to make you think you’ve been transported to a more exotic land.

The breakfast feast at O’hanas is served family-style (meaning, it’s brought to the table, so you don’t have to keep getting up for a buffet. However, the menu is set.) The food is plentiful and good – and a step up from the food we’d had at other character meals this trip. And it was constantly refreshed.

Ciara loved the POG juice, especially since she hasn’t visited Hawaii yet (a point she reiterates to me…I know, I’m a bad mother :-)…but we keep returning to Mickey with the kids). She thought the combination of Pineapple, Orange, and Guava juice was the greatest thing since sliced bread. (I think I can buy POG here now… I will have to check it out, or make my own…Do they still play that game with POG bottle caps?)

Besides the POG, a basket of corn and pineapple bread, a fruit tray, and a carafe of coffee, we received a skillet of food that included sausages and bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and breakfast scones. Before gratuity, the meal came to $79.84 USD.

And… let’s not forget the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles!  Because they are the intro to the man (mouse) himself!

The characters do a parade around the restaurant with all the kids. All 4 of the characters (Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch) dance and act silly. 

In previous visits, Minnie has been at O’hanas too, but she was nowhere to be found this time. However, the 4 present did their best to entertain, and play with the kids. And pose for oodles of photos.

O’hanas was the most relaxed and easy paced character meal we had this entire visit.

We certainly didn’t feel rushed by the wait staff, and everytime we turned around, they were refilling our food. (Really! Who can eat two large skillets of breakfast food?  I know my family can’t.)


After eating our fill of food, and parading around the restaurant, it was time for the characters to individually visit our table for pictures and autographs.

Ceili loves Lilo, and was thrilled to get a kiss as well as an autograph and picture.

And, of course, Ciara loves Stitch.  And was pleased as POG punch to give him a hug, little rascal that he is.

Pluto was around for hugs, autographs, and pics.

But there’s no comparison in terms of adoration for the Big Cheese himself. Who doesn’t love Mickey?

 Cause, as Walt himself used to say, “it all started with a mouse!”