8 Things to Decide River over Ocean – #6 How Important are Choices

Do you want a lot of choices on your cruise, or would you like most things decided for you?
Your answer might determine whether you take a river or an ocean cruise.
A page from my guide is below, which I’ve summarized below.
  • River cruises are a “no-brainer” vacation – everything is taken care of
  • Ocean cruises will give you more choice onboard – more dining, activities, quiet spaces
  • River cruises typically offer limited public space dedicated to entertainment
  • Ocean cruises will offer splashy Broadway-style productions as entertainment
  • River cruises tend to focus on cultural immersion in the ports
  • Ocean cruises tend to focus on activity onboard ship -gyms, pools, saunas, spas, salons, casinos onboard
  • Food is plentiful, but river cruises tend to have 1 main dining room, with bistros or cafes onboard
  • River cruises tend to offer fixed dining times (e.g., breakfast is 7-9 am, lunch is 12-2 pm, dinner is 7-9 pm)
  • Ocean cruises tend to feature 24-hour buffets & multiple dining options for either quick or slow meals
  • River cruises tend to have buffet breakfast + lunch, with longer 4-5 course dinners
  • River cruises tend to have more casual dress onboard, ocean cruises can offer casual and formal nights.
  • River cruises tend to offer more opportunities to see captain and officers
What is right for you?
Download my guide here https://lushlife.lpages.co/the-beginners-guide-to-river-cruising/
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