8 Things River over Ocean – #8 How Important to Fix Costs Upfront

#8 How Important is it to Fix Costs Upfront?  

When you cruise, is it important to you to fix your costs upfront?

This is a page from my guide, which I’ve summarized below.

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River cruises tend to include shore excursions, some beverages, wifi, etc.

  • There is a daily guided trip included in the fare – one for every port.
  • More in-depth excursions involving buses and admission tickets can often cost extra
  • Beer & wine at meals is generally included; as is bottled water, coffee, tea, fresh fruit & cookies
  • Wifi is free whenever it’s available (doesn’t work in locks, generally works better in lobby than cabin)

Ocean cruises tend to charge additionally for shore excursions, beverages, wifi (some exceptions)

  • Few include shore excursions in price (save Regent, Viking Ocean as example)
  • Going ashore typically involves a tour that you purchase at an extra price (unless you move on your own)
  • Moving about on your own typically still involves transport to the city/ port
  • Wifi can be very expensive, and excruciatingly slow – regardless of where you are

River cruises can appear to be higher-priced, but they generally include more upfront

What sounds right for you?

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