8 Thing in Selecting River over Ocean – #5  Is Ship or Destination Most Important? 

8 Things to Decide

#5  Is the Ship or the Destination Most Important?
When you cruise, is the ship or the destination most important to you? It may determine whether you do a river or an ocean cruise. Here is a page from my guide, which I summarize below.

River cruise vessels are more compact

  • European river cruise ships in particular are low-slung to sail under low-flying bridges
  • Tend to have 2-3 decks. It takes no more than a couple of mins to walk length of the ship
  • River staterooms tend to be smaller and more basic
  • Most ‘balconies’ are French balconies (floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door, opens to railing) – some are exterior.
  • Less focus on exterior balconies given how river cruises dock, sometimes w 2-3 ships tied abreast
  • Easier to find lounge chairs in public areas to sit and watch scenery, & listen to expert commentary
  • Itineraries are port-intensive – it’s all about the destination

Ocean cruise ships can be like large floating cities

  • Can be huge (some > 12 decks). Can take you 20+ mins to walk from your cabin to a pool, a restaurant, etc.
  • Can be crowded in public areas to watch scenery go by
  • Staterooms can be more elaborate, with more exterior/ real balconies – can be your secret oasis
  • Onboard features are often the focus (e.g., waterslides, rock climbing walls, nightly shows)

What do you think would matter most to you?

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Sheila Gallant-Halloran