7 Reasons Why Us

Here are 7 reasons to work with Lush Life Travel for your travel:

1. expertise

2. currency

3. relevance

4. easy to work with

5. interaction

6. experience

7. authenticity

Here’s what we mean.

1. expertise – . We have in-depth knowledge. Sheila and her team have been in the travel business for over 14 years. Sheila works 60+ hours/week, and has planned vacations for 1000’s of people. She’s seen things go well, and go terribly awry (e.g., Icelandic ash cloud, anyone?). But through it all, she works with her clients and suppliers to orchestrate travel dreams.

Like all serious professionals, Sheila and her team have invested time, energy, and money in mastering skills. Sheila has easily exceeded Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hours to success and mastery.” See 10,000 hours here 

The most important part of our job is developing terrific relationships with supplier partners around the globe. Sheila especially loves her Virtuoso partners. She leverages those relationships to VIP you, and negotiate special amenities on your behalf. Sheila uses the power of her teams’ relationships to help you.


2. currency – Sheila has up-to-the-minute info on the travel industry. She stays current. In fact, her team stays on the cutting edge. A la Stephen Covey, they sharpen the saw.  They travel. They take Virtuoso & supplier training. They study for in-depth supplier specialist programs. They travel for cruise ship inspections, hotel inspections, and Virtuoso Week regional tours. They have luncheon meetings with suppliers, and attend various supplier dinner presentations. Sheila is also invited, and attends, premier annual conferences such as Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas (see here), and the International Luxury Travel Mart in Mayakoba (see here).  Sheila is a VAST (Virtuoso active & specialty travel) certified advisor; and has ongoing training and product updates; and attends VAST Globe-trotting.  She and her team live and breathe travel. This is what they do.


3. relevance – In newsletters, social media, and blogs at www.lushlife.ca, Sheila shares directly relevant stories, examples, and case stories that display how she and her team can help you. See the “testimonial of the week” section in the newsletter below, or see her verified Virtuoso client testimonials here. See the tips she shares, with things like the packing tips section as well. Check out her facebook page at www.facebook.com/lushlifetravel .  She is also interviewed by industry publications that show my expertise and relevance such as hereVirtuoso blog, or  Virtuoso Life here


4. easy to work with – Sheila’s client testimonials are ‘social proof’ that her clients find her easy to work with.  Each consultation starts with her delving into the experience that the client is looking for with each trip. She is your travel ‘master chef.’ She combines the ‘ingredients’ (suppliers and products) in her ‘kitchen’ (her resources) to prepare the ‘meal’ (travel experience) you desire. And sometimes, you’re not sure what you’d like, or you don’t even know what you don’t know. That’s when she can go to work. She leverages the relationships and supplier partners to deliver the travel ‘meal’ that you are looking for each time. See testimonials here for clients’ reviews.


5. interaction – Sheila believes in a collaborating with clients. She always explores what the best product/ travel experience/ supplier is for the person(s) travelling. There are no talking heads here, and no lectures to clients on what’s best. Instead, she and her team listen, and ask questions to ensure they understand what it is you value. She doesn’t prescribe a solution without diagnosing the problem you’re trying to solve. She collaborates with you. Of course, she’ll make recommendations based on her experience, and try to warn about pitfalls and worries; but she’ll also share magic and inspiration. See more about her collaborative process here.


6. experience – Don’t trust travel advisors who don’t travel. Sheila travels. She visits the destinations, and travel in the styles of travel she sells. This summer, she’s already been to Jamaica, and is about to head to Newfoundland. Shortly after, she’ll be headed to Vegas, Orlando, and Mexico. in September, she’s leading a group with Lindblad to circumnavigate Newfoundland. And she’s finalizing a group on Rocky Mountaineer next June. She has experience.


7. authenticity – Sheila believes that people work with those they know, like, and trust. There is no division / separation between her public and private persona. You can find her sharing details about her life and travels on her personal fb page www.facebook.com/vacay as well as her biz fb page www.facebook.com/lushlifetravel .  She puts the social power in the social media, and tries to connect with people in real life. She also hosts various travel events each year so folks can meet up.


Contact Sheila to orchestrate your travel dreams!