2018 Wish List


As 2017 ends, and 2018 begins, we all think about improving, and making lists.  What’s on your 2018 wish list?

My partners at Virtuoso just put out their 2018 Wish list. Download a free copy of the magazine here 2018 wish .
Virtuoso had inputs from advisors like me to come up with an interesting list of 8 spots you should look at traveling to in 2018. You can see that particular article here where 2018 – but here is the list of 8:
1. San Antonio
2. Slovenia
3. Panama
4. Bhutan
5. Canadian Arctic
6. The Kimberley
7. Moscow and Saint Petersburg
8. Antarctica
What a terrific list!  Let me know if you’d like to go!
Natural Habitat - Canadian Polar Bear Experience
Natural Habitat – Canadian Polar Bear Experience
Of course, I’d support any of these choices- great spots all around. I think the Canadian Arctic,
The Kimberley, and Antarctica will really come into their own as destinations that people finally want to cross of their bucket list in 2018.
They’re the kind of spots you dream about for a lifetime. Time to go!
Or maybe Russia is the spot that stirs your imagination. I can get you on a river cruise with Viking.
Viking River Cruises – Russia
Whatever is on your 2018 wish list, let me help you get there!
You can check out some trips in the vast section below – or send me an email sheila.gh@visiontravel.ca or give me a call at 613-837-0699.
Let’s schedule a time to dig into your 2018 wish list, and get it sorted!
What’s on your bucket list? Time to watch that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie again? I think so!
I also have my own suggestions for a list.
I was just profiled by Virtuoso.com about “why sustainable tourism matters”.  Check this out for my top 3 spots for 2018. http://blog.virtuoso.com/active-adventure/travel-advisor-sustainable-tourism-matters/
I strongly recommend:
Let’s get your 2018 wish list sorted!