11 "Bucket List" Travel Ideas… Get your Imagination Flowing

11 Bucket List travel ideas…………..get your imagination flowing

1. Experience the Sistine Chapel (Rome, Italy) – Art lovers will claim (perhaps rightly so) that you can’t say you’ve truly lived until you’ve gazed upwards to see Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” coming to life on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Pre-book tickets to the Vatican Museum to see this and other masterpieces—and avoid the lines.

2. Tour the Elephanta Caves (Mumbai, India) – Carved out of solid basalt rock, the historic Elephanta Caves are located on a small island off the Arabian Sea, an hour away (via boat or ferry). These caves are a religious relic dating back to the 5th century and are intended to represent the heavenly mountain residence of Lord Shiva.

3. Shower under the Blue Lagoon waterfalls (Reykjavik, Iceland) – Take the “Iceland from Below” tour and conclude this underground adventure of Iceland’s lava tubes by frolicking about in the Blue Lagoon’s milky-blue green water and therapeutic waterfalls.

4. Catch the Cabaret at Moulin Rouge (Paris, France) – The oldest cabaret in Paris, made famous by the paintings of Toulouse Lautrec, will enchant you with can can dancers who show off their “joie de vivre” on a nightly basis. Arrive via private luxury car and enjoy the outstanding Belle Epoque cuisine before the show begins.

5. Hike through Oahu’s Valley of the Rainbows (Honolulu, Hawaii) – Explore lush rainforests deep within the beautiful Valley of the Rainbows on an exclusive, expertly-guided group tour. Nestled below towering trees and surrounded by seven waterfalls, this exotic paradise features the largest collection of palm tree varieties on earth.

6. Get acquainted with ancient history (Athens, Greece) – Take a three day tour of ancient Greece, with stops in Athens, Olympia, Corinth, Delphi and more. If you’re not a history buff, you’ll become one after seeing the site of the first Olympics, archaeological remains in Delphi and ancient Acropolis.

7. Roam the Coorong sand dunes (Adelaide, Australia) – Discover the serenity and beauty of Australia’s famous Coorong wilderness. The sand dunes, wetlands and the mighty Southern Ocean are unforgettable in their natural state, but you’ll also be charmed by the quiet landscape of the small coastal towns you’ll see during a guided eco-cruise.

8. Sip tea & nibble on scones at Grosvenor House (London, England) – Enjoy tea and little cakes in the original home of the Duchess of Bedford, lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, who was credited with inventing the very British tradition of “taking tea.”

9. Scuba dive through famous shipwrecks (Aruba, Caribbean) – Dive in and explore Aruba’s many famous shipwrecks, including the Antilla wreck, one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean. Take note of fascinating coral formations and get up close and personal with stingrays, moray eels, manta rays, barracudas and yellow tail.

10. Glide midair through the Canadian Rockies (Jasper, Alberta) – Hop on the famous Jasper Tramway, the longest and highest guided aerial tramway in Canada, for unprecedented views of six mountain ranges, glacial fed lakes, the Athabasca river and the scenic mountain town of Jasper. The adventure begins at an elevation of 4279 feet and ascends to 7472 feet above sea level.

11. Watch a Lesedi tribal dance (Johannesburg, South Africa) – Enjoy a feast prepared by the natives of Lesedi, a multicultural tribe located an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. See the Zulus with their fighting sticks; the Xhosa with their perfectly-thatched rondawels and distinctive white blankets; the rhythmic drums and whistles of the Pedi tribe; the conical straw hats of the Basotho; and the colorful homes of the Ndebele.

Imagination flowing?

What’s on your “bucket list?”  Let me know! I can help turn those dreams into reality!

(Thanks to my dear friend, Lynda Sinclair, for the inspiration!)