The rewards from working in travel have nothing to do with money. “Why” I work in travel is summed up in the excited email I received from a client. I’d helped him arrange a surprise birthday gift for his wife – he wanted to take her to Disney to celebrate her retirement, cross off a “bucket list” trip, fete her at the best restaurants, have her meet “Winnie the Pooh,”, and generally act like a kid again.

This is an older couple. They are well travelled. And I’d organized trips for them previously that went well, and they enjoyed the experiences. But reading the husband’s email about his surprise gift underlined for me “why” I am in travel.


“You have no idea how surprised, happy and all the emotions that you can imagine she demonstrated when she realised what was happening, and this was the start… We have to say that it was a marvellous and a magical week that we will always remember.  I understand why you return there so many times.  We will certainly go back as well….In short, there is no other word to explain our satisfaction/pleasure other than say this week was one of the most marvellous and magical weeks that [we]… have spent together…The dining plan with the reservations was great. We really appreciated what you have done. Thank you. All restaurants were great, the food, the service, the ambiance and also the fact that they all had the notes about the allergy and the birthday. I want to say again that [we] had a marvellous and a magical time at Disney World all week long, and we will always remember this outstanding journey.  I want to thank you very much for the work and effort you put in planning this trip for us. You made it so easy for us to enjoy and have a wonderful time. Until next time, thank you.”

Richard Niro


  • Testimonial from Sheri Kavanagh
    I love getting testimonials from clients.  Here’s a recent one a client made on facebook when the Virtuoso survey had an issue.  Thanks Sheri! (Virtuoso is fixing their issue.)
    Let me know if I can help you get away.
    Sheila Gallant-Halloran
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  • Perfect trip – thank you Sheila – Client Testimonial
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    Virtuoso Testimonial from Client   

    I love getting testimonials from clients.  Here’s a recent one that I really value from a client and friend who knows both sides of the travel business. (Thank you, Eileen, for the trust!)
    Perfect trip – thank you Sheila
    By: J Bailey (Joshua Bailey)
    Reviewed on: 27 Mar 2016
    After a great consultation session Sheila helped my family with a trip that will be hard to top. There were three generations travelling, eight in all, and our time at Half Moon was ideal. The villa we stayed in was ideal, everyone had privacy but we also had a dining room and living room to enjoy time together but most of time was spent together at our private pool. As I was planning the trip myself, I found Sheila’s attention to detail and promptness indispensable. There were some passport questions hanging over the trip and Sheila checked in to be sure that had been sorted before we departed; it was thanks to the passport office. The entire process was pleasant and I found every interaction to be productive and professional. It was a pleasure working with Sheila.
    Travel end date: 20 Mar 2016
  • Experienced pleasant – Client Testimonial
    I love getting testimonials from clients.  Here’s a recent one that I really value from a client and friend who knows both sides of the travel business. (Thank you, Eileen, for the trust!)
    Experienced pleasant
    By: Leen 1 (Eileen Borsuk)
    Reviewed on: 15 Mar 2016
    Sheila has been on several Disney cruises herself so is adept at advising you thru all aspects of the trip.eg. Transfer options, excursions, etc. She has a direct link to Disney , so any questions you may have, that she does not know the answer to can be addressed directly to Disney. She is pleasant and helpful, and I would not hesitate to use her again.
    Travel end date: 27 Feb 2016
    You can find the validated review here:
    Sheila Gallant-Halloran

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