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“Why You Need A Travel Agent” – Part 2 – Pinging on the Forbes’ Article

Yesterday, I blogged about part 1 of the Forbes’ article by Larry Olmsted – see http://www.lushlife.ca/2012/02/why-use-a-travel-agent-part-1-pinging-on-the-forbes-article/ and the original article here http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2012/01/20/why-you-need-a-travel-agent-part-1/.  Today, I’d like to follow up, and ping on part 2 – see original Forbes’ article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2012/01/22/why-you-need-a-travel-agent-part-2/ Larry … Continue reading

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Avoid Travel Nightmares – Work w a Professional Travel Advisor

Do you really need reminders on why you should work with a professional travel advisor?  Really? Remember – PITA x 2 ! The first reason to hire a travel advisor is a pain avoidance PITA = working with a professional travel … Continue reading

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Part Deux – Why Hire a Travel Advisor: PITA x 2

Yesterday’s blog received a comment by a friend, and former business networking colleague, Aron Brajtman.  Aron is a business coach, and one of the messages he stresses is that business owners must focus on their value proposition – what it is that sets them … Continue reading


Why Hire a Travel Advisor – PITA x 2 !

I’ve had some discussions with new clients lately that has got me tweaking my messaging.  It’s definitely true that many consumers have a do-it-yourself mentality (the DIY’ers).  They believe they can get all the info they need to plan the perfect … Continue reading