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Star Gazing Travel

This week’s we’re focussing on “Star Gazing.”  Get inspired by this image of the Arkaba Walk, Elder Camp, Flinders Rangers, SA – Wild Bush Luxury/ Great Walks of Australia.   Did you know there’s a “Stargazing for Dummies” book? Maybe … Continue reading

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Swap ‘Fly ‘n Flop’ for ‘Stop ‘n Sop’

  Wee’re talking swapping fly ‘n flop holidays for stop ‘n sop. Sure, fly ‘n flop holidays are important. We all need sun and sand to rejuvenate, and recover from the stresses of daily life. Sun and sand can do that. But, … Continue reading

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‘Sense of Place’ with Ottawa Bio-sphere Eco-City

Yesterday, I had been invited to be a panelist for an Ottawa presentation about sustainability, and why “sense of place” is important. It was an educational and inspiring day to hear from the other panelists invited by the OBEC, or Ottawa Biosphere Eco-city. See I’d shared … Continue reading

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Sustainable Tourism – and – Why it Matters When You Travel

  Sustainability tourism is on the rise. After a fab morning meeting with Elmwood students, I was interviewed with Ashish Sanghrajka on Daytime Ottawa about why sustainability tourism should matter when you travel. We followed up our energizing morning with … Continue reading