About Lush Life Travel’s Disney Connection

I believe in living a lush life. I believe in building memories.

I believe I can help you live a lush life by crafting beautiful experiences that foster connection, magic, and wonder.

My love of all things Disney was what first led me to change careers, and enter the wonderful world of travel.  My passion for everything to do with the Mouse made a career in travel a natural fit. Of course, I handle all kinds of travel; and orchestrate travel dreams to foster connection, magic, and wonder in all vacation experiences – but, the Mouse still has a special place in my heart.

My family has visited Walt Disney World in Orlando 20 times.

My husband and I first visited WDW on our honeymoon. We returned again and again as a couple. When we had children, Disney took on a whole new meaning. Experiencing everything Mickey has to offer, but now witnessing it as through the eyes of a child, changed and enriched us. It also introduced us to a whole new sense of connection, magic, and wonder.

I’ve visited WDW when I was enjoying carefree coupledom, when I was pregnant, when I nursing an infant, when I was dealing with toddlers, and again and again with children as they started to mature. I now experience the joys of visiting WDW with a seven year old and a thirteen year old. And I can tell you, every visit fosters connection. Every visit is magical. And every visit brings wonder. And – every experience of Disney offers something new.

I know it’s possible to have your dream Disney experience, even if you haven’t been there before. I help people do that.

I also know that even if you’ve been to Disney 20 times (or more), you can still find new ways to connect, experience the magic, and have a sense of wonder.

Let me share my passion for the Mouse with you. Let me help you live a lush life.

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