Visit the Caribbean

Visit the Caribbean

70% of the Caribbean not affected by storms
I had the Caribbean Hotel Tourism Organization on my twitter chat this Friday. The biggest take away is that 70% of the Caribbean was unaffected by the storms.
The CHTA is the voice of the Caribbean Tourism. CHTA, founded in 1962, represents the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry’s private sector across the Caribbean region. So, it was a great honour for me to have them on the tweet chat. 
And – I had Tourism Cares too – which is the chosen charity that the CHTA partners with. Please donate here:
As noted during the chat, the Caribbean Recovery Fund was established upon Irma, and also sadly under Maria, to help destination workers and recovery. And Tourism Cares sees giving with tourism, for tourism as a complement to other relief giving, especially for its economic engine in Caribbean. Also, funds will be allocated in partnership with @CHTAfeeds and will be focused based on community need and tourism value/impact.
Indeed, the industry can definitely shout “GO to the Caribbean” and “help just with your vacation.” Go now. Go again! As CHTA notes, One of the best ways to support the #Caribbean is to visit us! #VisittheCaribbean #OneCaribbeanFamily
The Caribbean is made up of 35 amazing destinations. A lifetime worth of adventures. Donate and travel!
I was recently interviewed on 1310 news .Give my interview a listen here, and let me know if you have some ideas on how we can work together. – my interview starts at the 12:50 mark..

Please remember to donate to the affected areas!

Please give to spots like
Please don’t forget the other areas of the Caribbean in the interim. There are still vast areas unaffected.
Visit Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Mexico, and even Colombia and Belize. I have some Jamaica spots below, as well as Colombia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Bermuda. There is still much to see!
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