The Difference Between a Travel Agent and a Travel Advisor

On Monday, I was interviewed by Daytime Ottawa about the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor. Plus, we talked about the explosion in adventure travel, and the show I was hosting at Shepherd’s Fashions with Viking River Cruises.
Have a watch!
Lush Life Travel visits Daytime Ottawa
Lush Life Travel visits Daytime Ottawa
I was also interviewed about the role of a travel advisor in the digital age in November. Give a listen to my interview with Carol Anne Meehan of 1310 radio in Ottawa from last month.
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I have some partners and trips highlighted below, but that’s to give you a sampling of the different offers out there. I work with you to match the best supplier and trip to you. As a travel advisor, I represent you, rather than the supplier. While the suppliers are my partners and I work with them, my role is to find the best supplier for you. I’m your travel master chef! I have all these ingredients (travel suppliers) in my kitchen (travel tool kit), and I can mix and match (build the trip) in the best way for you (customizing) to give you the meal (travel experience) you’d like. Sometimes, you might feel like a Big Mac (moderately priced, not customized trip, but a solidly performing travel supplier), and sometimes you might feel like agourmet burger (price is determined by what is customized, but emphasis on individual customization and high quality) – but I work with you to prepare the right meal (travel experience) for you!
Remember, the 4 A’s of Working with Me:
1. advice,
2. access,
3. advocacy, and
4. accountability
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